Discover Challenge: Retrospective

Lake Michigan – Ellen Grace Olinger

Retrospective – 2016

mid-February light
on the evergreens
easy to imagine
their growth
in Spring

rain in the night
and grey sunrise
soon we will see
the growth
from this time


roots in His Word
I will flower
again and again

Tulips from a store – Ellen Grace Olinger
Daffodils – Ellen Grace Olinger
Primroses bloom – Ellen Grace Olinger

A few more favorite photos, from 2016.  I post often at Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

Thank you!

I look forward to Easter and Spring 2017.  The Winter Solstice is past, and I enjoy watching the light change.

One beautiful day at a time, by God’s grace.

Post updated on December 31, 2016.

Happy New Year,

Ellen Grace Olinger