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April: Short Wisconsin Poems

everyday beauty
cedar tree in sun
near the garage
and a dove on the branch
by my study window

late April and
the garden turns
towards May
primrose leaves
near the door

last week in April
and music is new
bird songs

the last few days
still cold
continue to bloom

Photo by Karl – April 21, 2022
Photo by Karl – April 21, 2022
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Short Poems: May 2021

breakfast and music
when a song begins
I know the words
Amazing Grace

cup from a thrift store
on my grandmother’s
straw chest
near the window
fills with light

Poems From Psalms And Nature

work in the kitchen
red tulip and new ferns
by the cedar fence

small red geranium
happy in the greenhouse
and now our home
on a small table
with carnations

The geranium is from Windmill Gardens
in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin