Luci Shaw: favorite quote

The “Stats and Insights” for this site tell me that this past post is read these days. I have read Luci Shaw’s books for years – poetry, prose, memoirs – and am greatly blessed by her art.

“All of us continue to be painted on by the brush of God.”

Adventure of Ascent: Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey

IVP Books
Page 165

Luci Shaw

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Beauty: Quote by Luci Shaw

“Each of us is called to cultivate beauty, knowing that as artists, and as those with whom we share our creative gifts, we become more whole and healed in that sharing of beauty.”

Luci Shaw

From BREATH FOR THE BONES Art, Imagination, and Spirit: Reflections on Creativity and Faith (page 33).  Published by Thomas Nelson. Copyright Luci Shaw, 2007.

poetry over many years

This morning I reread a few poems by Luci Shaw.  I’ve been reading her poetry for a long time.  At her website, there is information about her books; along with some of her poems and photographs.

Time Of Singing: A Journal Of Christian Poetry, is a print journal that has blessed me for years.  Lora Homan Zill is the editor, and her website, with a blog, is the blue collar artist, knowing God through creative work.

Blessings, Ellen